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Strong partnership


At the beginnung of our work is the collection of used textiles and shoes. Dohmann Textilverwertung Wolfen GmbH is partner of well-known charity organisations. We work according to the principle donation to monetary donation We support charity organisations by paying a kg price to our partners.

Reduce pollution.


During the process of sorting our 50 well trained staff members decide regarding quality and value of the collected goods. Textiles which are in a good condition and modern will be exported in many countries all over the world. Clothing which can no langer be worn will be transformed into wipers and insulation material. The main idea of the sorting is the residue-free recovery of the collected material in order to save resources and to reduce ecological damage.

Residue-free recycling.


By recycling more than 10.000 t of collected textiles Dohmann Textilverwertung Wolfen GmbH contributes considerably to environmental protection We attach special importance to residue-free recycling and utmost saving of resources. Used textiles which can no longer be worn as clothing will be transformed for the production of wipers.

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